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Telling Our Stories

The other day I wrote about facing life’s challenges – the ones that shake our foundation. Among the examples I gave from my own life were my father’s death, my mother’s cancer battle, and my ex-husband coming out as transgender. I was careful to explain that I did not equate one’s changing gender identity with death nor with cancer, but that I do consider it … Read More Telling Our Stories


Day 308/365 Are You REALLY Okay?

Once, when I was twenty-two, I was duct taped to a board for several hours. [I thought that might get your attention.] Okay fine, I am sure it wasn’t actually duct tape…coulda been some kind of a strap, I suppose….and maybe it was actually some kind of spinal board EMT’s use. It probably wasn’t a couple of hours, either, but it sure felt that … Read More Day 308/365 Are You REALLY Okay?


Day 255/365 Sex Is A Funny Word

“Is VIRGINAL a word?” my eleven year old asked me at 7am this morning. “Yes,” I said. We were getting ready for school, and I had some Christmas music playing in the background. “What does it mean?” she asked. Ummmmm….(Gulp, oh God, really? I had barely had any coffee.) “Well, in this (Christmas) context, it is referring to the baby Jesus having been born … Read More Day 255/365 Sex Is A Funny Word