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Day 118/365 John, Part II

A few months ago I shared a letter I had written about the death of my cousin, John. He passed away two years ago, and the letter was my way of processing this.  I shared my thoughts about alcohol and drug addiction; about what it had done to John, and to our family. John’s eleven year old daughter, Megan, is here visiting us for … Read More Day 118/365 John, Part II


Day 76/365 Ruthless

“YES! I’m back, baby! Look out!” I grin as I pass the dice to my oldest daughter. “You are just like Papa,” she says, smiling and shaking her head as she rolls her turn. I was taken aback by the comment. It filled me with a sudden warmth. I welcome any opportunity to be cast in the same light as my dad – even … Read More Day 76/365 Ruthless