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Day 99/365 Karen

If there is one thing I know for certain in this life, it’s that as long as this lady is around I will never be the “fun aunt”. To know Karen is to love her…especially if you are a kid.  No  matter what is going on, she is always looking for ways to make it more fun.   The best way I can think … Read More Day 99/365 Karen


Day 25/365 We’re All Mad Here, Alice

Earlier today I was all set to serve you up a post about daffodils….trying to stick to the gratitude theme and all.  However, writing about those sprightly little bits of sunshine today seemed, well…at best, insincere, and at worst, like I was shoveling BS. (Maybe I shouldn’t say that on account of the lovely daffodil post you may very well be reading tomorrow! 365 days, … Read More Day 25/365 We’re All Mad Here, Alice


Day 16/365 Armpit Heart

One of my girls handed me a warm, soft, beautiful heart, made of beeswax. “This is for you!” She beamed. “Oh, that’s so sweet,” I said, “Thank you!” “I warmed it up in my armpit!” she exclaimed. “Oh, um…lovely?” We giggled, but I was thinking… (Stay with me, especially if you love metaphors about armpits – and who doesn’t?) Is the beeswax heart a … Read More Day 16/365 Armpit Heart