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Day 323/365 Totally Doable

Lately I have been feeling really happy… Sunshine-y, even. I have been in a make-sure-you-tell-people-you-love-them (and not because you’re afraid they’re gonna die but just because you love them) kind of mood. A random-acts-of-kindness kind of mood. A mood of expansion, a gesture of openness….a heart open wide to life and love, and their infinite possibilities. I think it all started when we were … Read More Day 323/365 Totally Doable


Day 272/365 Recycling the Year

Perhaps a bit too eagerly, I pulled the 2017 calendar off of the wall last week. I took it down and threw it into the recycling bin. Good riddance 2017. A few minutes later, I circled back into the kitchen and I fished it back out again. For whatever reason, I had to take one last look at it – at this terrible train … Read More Day 272/365 Recycling the Year