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Day 324/365 A Warm Pocket

It has been happening bit by bit…this change…  My soon to be twelve-year-old daughter has one tentative foot into her adolescence, and one foot still carefully positioned in the land of childhood. Her dirty converse high tops straddle them both, not entirely belonging in either…existing in the in-between. The metaphor I so readily conjure is that of a butterfly… The green and gold chrysalis … Read More Day 324/365 A Warm Pocket

Day 309/365 Knock, knock

I was doing some work on my computer while my dog, Louie, was experiencing yet another existential crisis as he desperately wanted to play catch with me…and yet was not willing to let me have the ball.   As this exchange often does, it got me thinking about control, and how grabbing ahold of (or pushing away) something so fiercely can sometimes rob us … Read More Day 309/365 Knock, knock


Day 291/365 Let Go or Be Dragged

There I was, staring down at a rather long flight of concrete stairs. At the top, tethered to me by a leash, was my 75 pound lab, quivering with excitement. At the bottom was the dog park.  Louie (just barely) tolerates a leash as a means to an end. If either of us want to enjoy a walk, the leash must be used on an “as … Read More Day 291/365 Let Go or Be Dragged


Day 165/365 Ed’s Serenity

My Uncle Ed has been a sober and active member of AA for fifty-two years. He has seen and heard a lot throughout those years, and he is incredibly succinct at cutting through bullshit, and getting to the point. I am sure most of you are familiar with the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity  To accept the things I cannot change;  Courage … Read More Day 165/365 Ed’s Serenity


Day 120/365 The River

I can remember when I was a girl, hearing someone use the word Grace to describe my mother – “she has such grace” they said.  It impacted me, though I’m not entirely sure I understood what that meant at the time.  The person said it with such admiration, I knew it was a significant statement. I knew it was something to which to aspire. Ironically … Read More Day 120/365 The River


Day 29/365 If Dandelions Could Talk

This dandelion caught my eye on a forest walk last summer. You may have noticed by now my love of metaphors. To me the dandelion is a perfect one for how we can begin to label things in our minds as ordinary, not worthy of our attention – even as nuisances.  However, when we stop to really see them, we may find that those ordinary, … Read More Day 29/365 If Dandelions Could Talk