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Day 326 Radical Empathy

I’m sorry. Such a powerful phrase…except lately, in relation to my children, hearing it has been making me feel… Panic. Let me backtrack. I believe in the power of a heartfelt apology. It can be healing both for the person receiving it and for the person offering it. It can also be hollow…we all know that. At the preschool where I work, we never … Read More Day 326 Radical Empathy


Day 270/365 I’m Sorry, and also…I Love You

She was distraught….and also incredulous. “I apologized with all of my heart, and she just said, ‘kay. Tell her she has to say she’s sorry, too. That’s how it works.” Is it? We have all felt the disrespect of a hollow apology. Starting when we were very little and hurt by another child, we may have heard our first toneless and disconnected, “Sorry!” Some … Read More Day 270/365 I’m Sorry, and also…I Love You