Day 295/365 The Space Between

Life is quite a roller coaster. I love the highs. I have (albeit somewhat begrudgingly) come to appreciate the lows too, as they are our greatest teachers.

It isn’t all peaks and valleys, though…this thing called living.

In fact, we do most of our living in the space between – 

The space between suffering and elation.

So…what of that?

How do we feel in the space between?

Do we even notice?

The other night I was walking down the short hallway between the two bedrooms of my children. I had just tucked one daughter in, and I was headed to do the same for the other.

It’s a walk I have taken, and a task I have done, hundreds of times.

On this particular, unremarkable evening…there in the darkened hallway, I felt a sudden wave of contentment wash over me.

I stopped, and I thought to myself, This is My Life.

It took my breath away – that completely ordinary, everyday moment.

Our lives may be filled with highs and lows, but…

The beauty of it is this –

The sweet spot can be found most days…in most moments, actually…and sometimes in the most uninspired of places…

In the spaces in between.