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Day 276/365 I Need A Hero

I’ve had some technical difficulties lately. About a week and a half ago I had some kind of virus, and during that time I had to drag myself out of bed one day to deal with a heating issue at work (we were closed, but it was a potential emergency given the freezing temperatures). The next day I woke up to discover I had … Read More Day 276/365 I Need A Hero


Day 110/365 Musical Chairs

Good evening! This is one of those nights in which I find myself dreaming of my head hitting my pillow, and yet I have written nothing here…why did I commit to this 365 day challenge? Who am I challenging, exactly? Myself. Oh, Right. It makes total sense that I’d do this to myself during an incredibly stressful and exhausting time in my life. Idiot. … Read More Day 110/365 Musical Chairs


Day 97/365 Dirty Girls

You may not know this about my mother, but she always has worn the tool belt in the family. ┬áThat’s right, when my brothers or my ex-husband have needed to borrow a tool – say, a bandsaw or something along those lines – they’d call and ask my mother, not my dad. My mom tells the story like this – when we were little … Read More Day 97/365 Dirty Girls