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Day 255/365 Sex Is A Funny Word

“Is VIRGINAL a word?” my eleven year old asked me at 7am this morning. “Yes,” I said. We were getting ready for school, and I had some Christmas music playing in the background. “What does it mean?” she asked. Ummmmm….(Gulp, oh God, really? I had barely had any coffee.) “Well, in this (Christmas) context, it is referring to the baby Jesus having been born … Read More Day 255/365 Sex Is A Funny Word


Day 97/365 Dirty Girls

You may not know this about my mother, but she always has worn the tool belt in the family. ┬áThat’s right, when my brothers or my ex-husband have needed to borrow a tool – say, a bandsaw or something along those lines – they’d call and ask my mother, not my dad. My mom tells the story like this – when we were little … Read More Day 97/365 Dirty Girls