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Day 321/365 Her Lens

I have told the story before about how, after my father’s death, I became more keenly aware of a lack of photos of my mother. The reason being, she is an avid and talented photographer, thus is always behind the lens. When I mentioned this to my mother, she said, “When I die, I will leave behind photos of all of the people, places … Read More Day 321/365 Her Lens


Day 316/365 Google is an Asshole

“I am concerned about two areas on the lung x-ray that look as though they could be related to the cancer,” he said. What I heard was, “Your mother now has lung cancer.” Wait…but….she just finished chemo. How can she have NEW cancer already?  I used to be an eternal optimist. Even now I can pull out an “Everything is going to be fine!” … Read More Day 316/365 Google is an Asshole