Day 189/365 Impermanence

Most of last week was wet and windy, as a tropical storm sat off of the coast. The sun was elusive for days. Autumn seemed to be making its presence known, as a chill in the air beckoned us to pull out sweaters and jackets.

Then suddenly the weather turned, the sun shone brightly, and we found ourselves with an 80 degree Sunday at the end of September. There wasn’t a single cloud in the sky.

The wind that had howled for days was reduced a mere whisper. The only evidence of the stormy week we’d endured were the crashing waves and the smattering of tree branches strewn across roads and lawns.

It was a perfect reminder that just as things can unpredictably go from beautiful and serene to complete upheaval, the same can be true of the reverse. Storms move on or dissipate, and we are left with calm in their wake.

In nature as in life, nothing is permanent.

There is a rhythm throughout our lives. As a friend wrote to me recently, “the pendulum swings back and forth…”

Stormy to calm, harmony to disharmony…

I suppose the true challenge in life is to appreciate the beautiful moments while they are being presented to us, without being resentful of what we’ve endured to get there, and without being fearful of the next approaching storm.

To stand boldly in the sunshine, because we know it won’t last forever…and to stand bravely in the darkness for the very same reason.

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