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Day 28/365 Oysters and Pearls

Okay you guys, there are going to be days that are just too darn full for me to write much. Every day I wake up and I’m not really sure what I’ll write about, but it usually just spills out of me at some point in the day.  Today I had an idea ruminating, but I never had a free lick of time to … Read More Day 28/365 Oysters and Pearls

Day 24/365 Light 

Sometimes,  Just noticing  the way light  beckons the world  to wake up, is enough.

Day 23/365 Perspective 

I snapped this photo during an early morning walk this past week. I love how it plays with perspective. To the right, you can see the Newport Bridge on the horizon. The dock in the foreground looks enormous in comparison. The silhouette of the seagull against the sun also plays with size and distance. It makes me think about how we see and relate … Read More Day 23/365 Perspective 

Day 13/365 – Compassion {It’s Not Pie}

“Equal rights for others does not mean less rights for you.  It’s not PIE.” This is a quote that has been circulating lately online, and I have been thinking about how it applies to compassion.  I used to imagine that if I expressed how I was really feeling, people would think, “Why does she think her pain is so much bigger than everyone else’s? … Read More Day 13/365 – Compassion {It’s Not Pie}

Day 12/365 – CONNECTION

I have been both fascinated and humbled by the reactions to my musings. I’m not sure what I expected, but what I have been given in the form of true human connection with so many of you has been a gift beyond measure. You have shared… I feel the same way. It’s like we’re the same person. I understand your pain. This is exactly … Read More Day 12/365 – CONNECTION

Day 11/365 – HOPE

I started this daily gratitude practice because I was so entirely sick of feeling depressed. I knew it was important to remind myself, every day, of everything in my life worthy of my gratitude.  I involved all of you because, well because I needed someone to hold me accountable. I confess, I am a woman of great intentions, but very little willpower. Now you … Read More Day 11/365 – HOPE

Day 10/365 – BOUYANCY

Here is what I have begun to appreciate about this practice – it brings me into the present. I really try to pay attention to the daily images, feelings, thoughts and people that make me feel warmth, peace, gratitude. For today, a little levity (…er, buoyancy?) Today I am grateful for baths. I do believe in their restorative and healing properties. I am in … Read More Day 10/365 – BOUYANCY


Yesterday I found myself with the unexpected gift of a day in which no one was counting on me to be in any particular place, doing any particular thing for any particular people. Sounds like heaven, right? I thought so. I eagerly settled into my couch with my morning cup of coffee. I have always enjoyed time alone, although sometimes the quiet takes some … Read More Day 8/365 – THE GREAT ESCAPE

Day 5/365 – MOM

This is my beautiful mother. She is an avid and talented photographer. She has a gift for capturing the warmth and emotion of a moment in time, allowing us all to hold it in our hands and close to our hearts timelessly. There are so many beautiful photos my mother took of my dad, especially of him enjoying time with his grandchildren. Looking through … Read More Day 5/365 – MOM

Day 4/365 – MUSIC

I have received many comments and private messages from people who have lost loved ones. Some simply want to let me know that they can relate to what I’m feeling. It is so beautiful to me, how connected we are to those who have also grieved deeply. I have really treasured and appreciated these messages. Many friends have shared with me things which helped … Read More Day 4/365 – MUSIC


I am grateful to have such a rewarding and versatile job, as a daycare/preschool owner. Honestly, working with a group of young children all day long takes a kind of patience I admire deeply, but that is not a gift I personally have. Though, when I was not working in a setting with children (such as when I got a job in the mortgage … Read More Day 6/365 – VERSATILITY