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Day 157/365 Island Adventure Part I

A few months ago I looked on Airbnb for a rental in Maine. I typed in “Maine, entire home, waterfront, dog friendly, under $200/night.” I didn’t actually expect to find anything under those parameters, but apparently Airbnb has no sarcasm filter. Amazingly, something did come up in the search… A tiny cabin on a tiny private island in the middle of a lake. Incredible, … Read More Day 157/365 Island Adventure Part I


134/365 Help

“Can I help?” she asked, sidling up to me in the kitchen at Miskiania. “That’s okay, I’ve got it,” I replied. I was making breakfast for twelve people and I wanted to just bang it out myself. “Please?” she asked again, looking at me pleadingly. “Okay, grab the whisk,” I said. She beamed. In that moment I realized before long she may stop asking … Read More 134/365 Help


Day 124/365 Childhood, Repeated

We spent the afternoon at Miskiania today. The girls and I were there with extended family.   It was our last day having John’s daughter, Megan, here visiting from Louisiana (three weeks flew by!). Lynette returned to us from two weeks in Peru, so it was a bittersweet day. My mother, aunts, uncle, cousins and I sat on the beach watching the kids play … Read More Day 124/365 Childhood, Repeated

Day 93/365 No Hard Feelings

Here we are, our first Father’s Day without dad. It’s a heartbreaker, but I take comfort in knowing that he left this Earth as a grateful man who loved well and was well loved. A person can’t really ask for more, in my opinion.  Today I wanted to share a bit of what I said at dad’s funeral. My brothers and I stood up … Read More Day 93/365 No Hard Feelings

Day 91/365 Dear Sug(ar),

November 10, 1943 Tuesday Evening My Dear Wife, I received your lovely note tonight when I came in out of the cold and rain, and it warmed my chilled and weary bones… I really don’t know how I’d lie around, as heart contented, if I hadn’t followed that inward urge I had just fifteen years ago when I saw the cutest girl I ever … Read More Day 91/365 Dear Sug(ar),

Day 88/365 Disappointing Rodeo

No matter how many times I am reminded that I am not in charge of this rodeo, I’m still surprised when I get thrown off the horse. Fascinating, my delusions of control. Dang it. This week is very busy and kind of all over the place for me. My kids get out of school so I have some fun things lined up. I also … Read More Day 88/365 Disappointing Rodeo

Day 87/365 Grate & Powerful

I was looking through some photos and saw this selfie. I had taken it in order to prove to my eldest daughter that I had followed her instructions.  She had insisted I wear the hat she made me to work “so that everyone will know.” It reads… “Mom, the grate and powerful.” She is so intuitive and wise, I am quite sure the message … Read More Day 87/365 Grate & Powerful

Day 86/365 Recasting the Villain

I had situation at work, about fifteen years ago, which was fascinating to me in terms of perception. I had never before been so misunderstood, and so unaware of how I was being read. I was the manager of a business. I had a colleague with whom I was not particularly close, but I was genuinely shocked to come into work one day to … Read More Day 86/365 Recasting the Villain

Day 84/365 Insignificant  

For some reason when I am feeling overwhelmed by life, it actually helps me to think about how insignificant I am.  That sounds weird, I know.  Think about it this way…we can get ourselves so worried and tangled up about…well, about everything, right?  But… When I stop to think about the fact that I am – on this planet, in this body – a … Read More Day 84/365 Insignificant  

Day 83/365 Rebecca

“Give! Me! That!” she insisted, reaching for my phone – her Mama Bear mode kicking in. I had told her I was fine. She came anyway – let herself in and found me upstairs in the increasing darkness, sprawled across my bed. In one hand I held my phone, in the other, tissues. I was embroiled in a truly painful text exchange. “Let ME respond, … Read More Day 83/365 Rebecca

Day 81/365 Unpopular Friends

My opinion here may not be a popular one in the current climate, but… I like rain…and fog. Lately it has been raining so often in Rhode Island that complaints about the weather seem to enter into every exchange. Interchangeable with “have a nice day” are expressions like “pray for sun.” I was curious, and googled (as one does) “rain, depression” – of course … Read More Day 81/365 Unpopular Friends

68/365 Feelings Are Fattening

Today I am going to write about something particularly personal and very, very sad – My body. {Smirk} I’m kidding, a little. I am a “normal” weight for my height (I totally checked, you guys). I usually don’t worry too much about weight. I don’t even own a scale. I have stayed within a pretty consistent range since oh, I don’t know, my early … Read More 68/365 Feelings Are Fattening