Category: Soul Food


Day 17/365 Briar Patch

I grew up right up the hill from a beautiful nature preserve called the Norman Bird Sanctuary.  Dad always enjoyed walking the woodland trails there, and would take us often as kids. He would say that the woods were his church. My love of the woods was born of these excursions with him, and as an adult I find them to be very healing … Read More Day 17/365 Briar Patch


Day 16/365 Armpit Heart

One of my girls handed me a warm, soft, beautiful heart, made of beeswax. “This is for you!” She beamed. “Oh, that’s so sweet,” I said, “Thank you!” “I warmed it up in my armpit!” she exclaimed. “Oh, um…lovely?” We giggled, but I was thinking… (Stay with me, especially if you love metaphors about armpits – and who doesn’t?) Is the beeswax heart a … Read More Day 16/365 Armpit Heart


Day 15/365 Nourishment

My dad was unconscious in the ICU for about ten days.  During that time, I would be there with him for long periods, often overnight.  I would come home to shower and sleep, and I had very little thought of food.  Sometimes I would come home to find that friends had left me soup, a casserole, cookies, fruit, energy bars, my favorite coffee…not to … Read More Day 15/365 Nourishment