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Day 313/365 Noticing

Yesterday’s snow was thick and heavy, as it often is in March. It clung heavily to everything – making for a beautiful, luminous sight this morning. After I brought the girls to the bus stop, I felt called to the woods. There is something about being the first person to walk on a snow covered trail, with only deer tracks ahead of you, that is … Read More Day 313/365 Noticing


Day 312/365 It Is What It Is

A while back a friend of mine was reflecting on this phrase – “It is what it is.”  She pointed out that it usually has a negative connotation. Typically, we say it in a dismissive way to people when they clearly don’t like whatever it is. “It is what it is” becomes synonymous with “Deal with it.”  We can’t change what It is…and we don’t like … Read More Day 312/365 It Is What It Is


Day 311/365 It’s A Practice, Not A Perfect

After practicing yoga sporadically over the past ten years (with gaps of years rather than weeks or months), I have committed myself to a daily yoga practice for 40 days.  I am a little more than halfway through to my goal. I have practiced (at least one hour of) heated power yoga twenty three out of the last twenty five days. I feel strong … Read More Day 311/365 It’s A Practice, Not A Perfect


Day 310/365 Brace Face

My kids asked me a while back, “What’s your most embarrassing story?”  I am quite certain that my most embarrassing stories involve a significant amount of alcohol, and took place during my college years, so… I dug for this one instead – I was a bony and awkward thirteen year old girl with a mouthful of braces. I didn’t have a lot of friends at … Read More Day 310/365 Brace Face

Day 309/365 Knock, knock

I was doing some work on my computer while my dog, Louie, was experiencing yet another existential crisis as he desperately wanted to play catch with me…and yet was not willing to let me have the ball.   As this exchange often does, it got me thinking about control, and how grabbing ahold of (or pushing away) something so fiercely can sometimes rob us … Read More Day 309/365 Knock, knock


Day 307/365 Lightbulb Triage

I have needed to buy lightbulbs for a couple of months now. I am certain I have been in stores that sell lightbulbs many times during this period of time. I am also certain that I can afford to purchase lightbulbs. So….access to lightbulbs is not an issue, and yet…I do not ever remember that I need lightbulbs while I am in the general … Read More Day 307/365 Lightbulb Triage


Day 305/365 The Sound of Silence

“Now, listen to the silence you have created.” This what the yoga instructor said yesterday, as a group of sixty sweaty yogis attempted to land in a resting posture without fidgeting. I know, I know…Simon and Garfunkel said the same thing some forty years ago, but their Sound of Silence wasn’t a happy nor a comforting sound. Philip was talking about quite the opposite … Read More Day 305/365 The Sound of Silence