Bethany Harvey lives in Rhode Island with her two wise and wonderful children, two cats, and a Labrador who is blessed with both an insatiable appetite and a wildly indiscriminate palate. She is the owner of Bloom, a highly sought-after, nature inspired preschool and childcare center.

The woods are her sanctuary, and adventuring on a paddle board is a close second. Her family is big and beautiful and an endless source of love, comfort, and laughter.

Bethany always enjoyed writing, but it wasn’t until her life seemed to lay before her in ruins that she dedicated herself to using this passionate gift to express herself fully, and to invite others to feel it all with her.

Having been dubbed “Sunshine” as a child, Bethany always thought her gift to the world was in maintaining a sunny disposition, no matter what. However, she has come to know that grief and gratitude are not mutually exclusive. We are not less grateful in our depth and breadth of emotion—even (or especially) when we are called to sit with the dark ones awhile. Dipped In It was born through with the recognition that allowing ourselves to feel the full spectrum of human emotion (even the uncomfortable parts) is what keeps us alive and connected as human beings.