Dipped In It, the book!!

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Dipped In It, a Memoir, was released on July 9, 2021. It hit the Barnes & Noble bestseller list on the day of release, and has been making a splash ever since. The book was honored as a Distinguished Favorite by The Independent Press, and was a finalist for both the Da Vinci Eye Award (for cover design by daughter, Beau!) and for the National Indie Excellence Award in the category of Death & Dying.

Here’s what people have to say about the book:

“Bethany has an uncanny way of speaking directly to the heart about what it means to be on this messy human journey. Thoughtful, impactful, and deeply transformative, her stories, insights, heartbreaks, and humor make us more open to being ‘tenderized’ by our experiences, as well as incredibly grateful to share the same planet as such an intelligent, witty, and wise human being. She writes with a grace that stays with you long after you turn the final page. This book is a revelation.” —Monica Rodgers, founder, The Revelation Project

“I could not stop reading the tender, openhearted, and gentle reflections that Bethany shares about her life after the death of her father. I was so moved by her graceful ability to notice, process, and move forward from experiences that shape us all. You will be glued to every page as you eagerly wait for the next bit of juicy wisdom to subtly fall in your lap.” —Kim Fuller, Author of Finding, founder of Born to Rise

“Bethany Harvey’s Dipped In It is poetic and wise. Her stories grab you with their simple truth and shine light on the cold fact that love—and all the glory that comes with it—is inextricably bound to loss and grief. She manages to do this in a way that knocks the breath out of your chest, yet somehow you’re not sorry, or even sad. Instead, you’re elated by the privilege of getting to experience this raw, tender paradox of being human.” —Sarah MacLaughlin, author of the award-winning, bestselling book, What Not to Say, Tools for Talking with Young Children and the forthcoming, Raising Humans with Heart: Not a How-To Manual

An easy and delicious read! Dipped in It effortlessly combines storytelling and self-care so the reader walks away with many ‘a-ha’ moments. Bethany has gifted the reader with insight into her own life, helping us find the joy, compassion, and funny moments in our own journeys.” —Jennifer Neuguth, founder and CEO of Iamtra

“What stands out most about Dipped in It, what makes it so deeply special, is that it speaks to everyone. No, we haven’t shared the same life experiences. But we’ve all—every one of us—shared the feelings unique to them. The threads of those shared emotions bind us to one another, and Bethany, through her writing, is the weaver of them, carefully, lovingly cinching us together into a tapestry where we can look to our right and our left and see that we’re not alone. Love connects us. Bethany is a gift, and we’re all her lucky recipients.” —Kim Beauchamp, ND, Author/Activist Making DIPG History

“Bethany tackles the messiness of life and loss with grace, honesty, and humor. From the first word, her raw, open writing style pulled me in. I laughed with her, cried with her, and cheered her on every step of the way. Grab a box of tissues, pour a cup of tea, and enjoy!” —Tabitha Lord, award-winning author of the HORIZON series

Dipped In It is a beautiful meditation on one’s hopes and dreams, on gratitude through life’s highs and lows, and on the power of grief. Bethany Harvey’s exquisite writing pulls you through the pages and her reflections on her life will give you insight into your own. A thoroughly enjoyable memoir!” — Judy Crosby, owner/founder, Island Books

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