Day 307/365 Lightbulb Triage

I have needed to buy lightbulbs for a couple of months now. I am certain I have been in stores that sell lightbulbs many times during this period of time. I am also certain that I can afford to purchase lightbulbs. So….access to lightbulbs is not an issue, and yet…I do not ever remember that I need lightbulbs while I am in the general vicinity of lightbulbs. 

As a result, I have a bit of a lighting triage situation in my house.

I keep “borrowing” light from one lamp in the house to illuminate another. No, I don’t carry one bulb from room to room…it hasn’t gotten that bad (yet?).

The girls and I use torches, obviously.

Really what happens is…a lightbulb goes out, I consider which lamp in the house is the least important, and I then remove the bulb from that lamp to use in another.

At the moment I have two lamps that have been deemed “non critical”- forcing them to sacrifice their light to areas with more urgent or frequent need.

It occurred to me that perhaps the lighting situation in my house is not unlike the illumination of my brain. Perhaps it is just not possible for me to have all of the areas of my brain lit all at once.

Perhaps it’s okay to choose which areas are most in need of my energy…at any given moment, and to let other areas remain…at least temporarily, at rest.

Besides, if too many areas are lit up at once, it’s bound to be a real drain on my “natural resources.” Clearly I need as many of those as possible…

So I can remember to buy lightbulbs.