Day 305/365 The Sound of Silence

“Now, listen to the silence you have created.”

This what the yoga instructor said yesterday, as a group of sixty sweaty yogis attempted to land in a resting posture without fidgeting.

I know, I know…Simon and Garfunkel said the same thing some forty years ago, but their Sound of Silence wasn’t a happy nor a comforting sound.

Philip was talking about quite the opposite – the sound of silence being sweet and sacred..a bit of nirvana. He was talking about finding a place in our minds that is clear of the near constant loop most of us (all of us?) have running through our brains.

Do you know the voice of which I speak – the critic, the worrier, the saboteur…?

In The Untethered Soul Michael Singer refers to this voice within us (with the non-stop commentary) as our “roommate.” He would have us practice  bringing our awareness to the fact that we are not our roommate. He writes about elevating above the voice and noticing it as a separate entity from ourselves. I do find this practice very useful. (That is when I remember to employ it.  What can I say, sometimes my asshole roommate gets the better of me).

But….ooohhhh…to have QUIET in there – to not only rise above the useless commentary but to tune it out completely – even just for a moment –

Pure Bliss.

I loved that he said, “listen to the silence you have created”…because I do see now that it is something we need to create for ourselves. We must purposefully cultivate it.

I am finding that the more often I stop to listen to the silence, the easier it becomes to hear.




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