Day 297/365 Broken Compass

Lately I have felt a bit lost.

My inner compass is in need of repair. I seem to be creating the map as I go along, which…while somewhat empowering, isn’t very helpful as a navigational tool.

(Unless I am interested in going backward…which I am not.)

So…what lay ahead of me is uncharted territory. I guess this is true for all who have chosen to (or have had no choice but to) leave our familiar topography behind and start anew.

This can be a bit scary, but I have found that far worse than admitting that we don’t know where we are going, is impulsively heading in a direction…in any direction…just to maintain the illusion of forward progress. 


If it isn’t clear which direction to go, the best thing to do is to stop moving…

To breathe, and to listen…before forging on.

The map is ours to create.

We needn’t hurry.

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