Day 283/365 Personal Power

This past week I have been thinking a lot about power.

I’ve written about the idea – no, the fact – that life is unpredictable, and how we are sometimes faced with the unexpected. I have also written about how, despite that, it seems important to stay optimisticto not be afraid to make plans for the future.

It occurred to me that those of us who have been knocked down quite a bit begin to feel powerless, and that can take quite a toll on our self-esteem and our ambitions. I think it takes a while to build our depleted resources back up…

To find our power.

So where do we start? I think the best place to start is to ask ourselves some pretty simple questions….

What am I doing regularly that makes me feel good about myself?

(Hey, here’s a thought….how about doing more of that?)

What am I doing regularly that makes me feel bad about myself?


Then maybe some more complicated ones…

If resources (namely silly little things like time and money) were not an issue, what would you most like to accomplish? 

(Great, now….how can we make this happen?)

What can you start doing now that will give you some momentum toward your dreams?

Putting some of this self-reflection into practice, I have garnered some personal power this week by setting some five-year career goals. I have also identified things that I wish to delegate (see ya, Quickbooks), and things for which I would like make more room….writing, yoga, community-building…

I can’t remember the last time I felt really powerful, but I think making decisions that point me away from things I find draining, and toward things that make me feel good about myself – my mind, my body, my heart...

That feels like a great start.

There may be a lot I cannot control, but there is also a lot I can.