Day 262/365 Rise Above

When we woke up this morning and it was snowing, I felt like a little kid. Louie paralleled my excitement when he saw me putting on my snow pants. He knew that meant he was (we were) in for a treat.

I had already planned to take the day off today. My kids only have a half day of school every Thursday, so I planned to have a much needed morning alone with the beast. I needed a little mental health time.

We brought the kids to the bus stop and saw them off on their way to school. As soon as the bus pulled away, Louie and I headed to our favorite spot. To me there is scarcely anything more beautiful than a snow blanketed forest.

This is my happy place.


As soon as we arrived, my phone went off with a text. It was a friend letting me know that someone has been writing disparaging things about me online. I felt deflated. I spent about half the walk thinking about this…and then, I realized that I know I handled myself in the best way I could with this person.

It’s funny, my mother was just remarking yesterday, that I have the Harvey family trait (exhibited by my father and his sisters) of  bending over backwards to please people [even when “they don’t deserve it”].

I honestly wasn’t sure she meant it as a compliment. However, I am choosing to take it that way. I give people the benefit of the doubt. I consider what might’ve motivated them to behave badly, or to have made a mistake. I am compassionate.

I understand that in this world we generally are happier people if we assume that everyone is doing the best they can.

We are each on our own karmic journey.

I have had people speak badly about me in the past, and honestly, rather than retaliate, or defend myself – I feel it speaks volumes not to.

There’s one thing I have learned about reasonable, thoughtful people (who, by the way, are the kind of people I want around me) – and that this, they consider the source.

So, I choose to rise above.

About halfway through my walk, I shook it off. It was too beautiful a day to worry about things I cannot change, and people I cannot reach.