Day 248/365 Do I Know Who I Am Without It?

I saw this quote on Facebook yesterday…

A friend of mine had posted it, and one of my closest friends “liked” it, and so obviously it was directed specifically at me, because I don’t know about you but every potentially “negative” comment to which I can even remotely relate, is clearly about me.

(Am I right?)

This comment really cut me, and any time something impacts me that strongly I have to stop and take a look at why.

Has my entire identity become centered around grief and loss? 

I mean, I write a blog about it (almost) every day. It has become a fairly common occurrence at this point for people I don’t know (or don’t know well) to approach me to say that they enjoy reading my blog, and many of those encounters end in tears (for both parties!). They are moved by the blog, and I become moved by the feeling of connectedness. Often they want to tell me about their loss, their pain.

We hold space for all of it together – mine and theirs, ours.

So…have I somehow become a spokesperson for those experiencing loss? And if so, is that a bad thing? Am I stuck here?

Am I afraid I don’t know who I am without it?

Later, I went back and read the post again. It was then that I noticed what was written underneath the post, which was this…

“It occurs to me then, that one of the greatest gifts I can give my world is to embody and show what we “are” and “can be” when we DO heal, so that it feels less scary.”


This blog isn’t really about grief and loss, it is about RISING UP from it…at least, that was my impetus, hence the name “Dipped In It“.

It has always been about returning to a seat of gratitude, lightness and love…and so, I am not stuck.

I am not my grief, I am only holding it for a while…and hopefully I am helping you to hold yours, too. Together, we are making it less heavy.

We can do this.