Day 242/365 Happy Thursday, Everyone

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, or as my mother and I have decided to call it, “Thursday.”

Today I went to pick up the turkey I had ordered at the local market. When they placed it on the counter, it seemed so small. Truthfully, the thing is 18 pounds, it isn’t really that small at all, but…

Last year when they brought out the bird I’d ordered and placed it on the counter, weimg_4416 cracked up laughing – the cashier and I. It was just freakishly, comically big. (It may actually have been an ostrich.) I tend to overestimate when it comes to food, so the turkey I’d ordered was overdoing it a tad. Take a look…

This year with fewer people and a better handle on portions, I had aimed smaller. Deliberate as it was, noticing the contrast between the two birds still managed to highlight for me the absences we are feeling this year. I felt a wave of sadness looking at the “little” bird.

Last year’s Thanksgiving was my favorite, ever. We had it for the first time at Miskiania. To me, it was a perfect day. My dad loved having it there as well, and knowing now that it was his very last Thanksgiving, I am so grateful that we were able to do it there, in his favorite place.


This year we are missing from our Thanksgiving (er, um…) Thursday feast – my dad, of course, but also Lynette (who sadly has returned to San Diego), and Ryan, Alexis and their family (because….Jersey!).

So, I started to feel badly about that…about the voids we will feel tomorrow…and frankly, about the Elephant that will be joining us in their place. Who invited him, anyway? Doesn’t he know how small the freakin turkey is this year?!

Then I stopped, and I reminded myself how incredibly lucky I am to have all of the people who will be there to spend the day with us. Many people dread having to spend time with their relatives over the holidays. Other people aren’t able to be with the ones they love, and others still…well, they just don’t have anyone at all.

I thought of the Pearl Jam song, “Breathe” –

“I’m a lucky man to count on both hands the ones I love.

Some folks just have one, and others they have none…”

I am so fortunate to have the incredibly fun, close, loving, and abundant family I have.

I will look around the dinner table tomorrow, and I will inevitably feel sadness for our loss, and for missing those who are spending their Thursday elsewhere.

I will ALSO remember how lucky I am to count on both hands (and feet – and then some) the ones I love. (I will, however, try to refrain from undertaking that task literally whilst at the table. You’re welcome, family.)

Give this a listen if you have a minute, it really is beautiful.

Pearl Jam “Breathe”

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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