Day 240/365 A Birthday Wish – Keep Noticing

This morning my girls enthusiastically got up early to begin preparations. By the time I had showered and joined them downstairs, they had made their own lunches, their own breakfasts, and had set out coffee and birthday gifts for me. They were so excited to celebrate their Mom. It doesn’t get much better than that.

After I dropped them at the bus stop, I got together for breakfast with Sarah, and then went off to the Bodhi Spa* for a little mini retreat.  I spent two hours in the “water journey” (infrared and traditional sauna, eucalyptus steam room, dead sea salt pool, and epsom salt pool, done in a relaxed circuit with a cold plunge between each). I entered into this particular journey alone, so I spent the time self-reflecting on the year (as one tends to do on birthdays).

Last year I spent my birthday in New York City. I had won a trip – complete with train tickets, hotel accommodations, dinner at a five star sushi restaurant, and amazing seats for Saturday Night Live. Can you imagine? I had also just resolved a very stressful legal matter, and I had finally garnered the attention of the object of my affection (he of the diving board).

I was convinced that 44 was going to kick ass.

Aaaaand…it did…but, ummm…..not in the way I had hoped.

So here I am embarking on another year, and I find myself having anxiety about it. Will it be a good year…or a bad year? (Is a good year even possible under the circumstances?)

Then I realized that whole train of thought is foolish.

What is a year, after all?

It’s a collection of months, weeks, days, hours, moments...

Yes, there were a lot of bad days this year (for all of us, I’d wager). For me, I experienced my worst days ever.

However, I had many good days too, and…

Throughout my 365 days this year I’d be willing to bet I had thousands of moments that made me smile, or laugh…hundreds of moments that filled me with gratitude….and dozens of moments that I will remember fondly forever.

Perhaps rather than focusing on having a “great year” what I should be doing is just continuing to notice all of the wonderful moments within it.

Those moments will always amount to so much more than all of the bad days put together.

{PS – Two hours in the water journey circuit, followed by a full body sugar scrub and mud treatment and believe me when I tell you I couldn’t have left there more relaxed…and my skin feels like silk…seriously.}

Photo by Betty Lou Harvey