Day 227/365 The Universe Knows Best

I do not always make the best choices.  We are all in the same boat on this, I would imagine. My problem is that I don’t like to admit when I am wrong about my choices. I am more likely to insist that a choice I made is a good one (despite all evidence to the contrary) and to stick to it, than to admit my folly.

This indiscriminate commitment to decisions both good and bad can be….um…limiting. I may focus on a pattern of behavior to the exclusion of all other possibilities. I may insist that I know the way (follow me!) long after I have become completely lost.

I might ignore obvious signs because I wasn’t expecting to see them there…in plain sight.

When did that “One Way” sign get there? That can’t be right. This is the way I always go!

It is all about control, really. Isn’t it? We want to be the master of our own fate…to be in control. Changing our minds might belie our lack of worthiness for the role as Fate-maker.

After all, who wants to follow a leader who declares, “This way! Oops, no not this way. THAT way! Oh, dear…that’s not it either…”

As a preschool administrator, I am sometimes in the position to gently remind parents that children who are given too many choices – too much control – tend to feel out of balance, anxious, sometimes even fearful.

They don’t want that much power.

They want to know that they are not in control – that they don’t need to be, because their parents are.

It frees the child to be a child.

Perhaps that’s the mindset I need to get into when it comes to life. Maybe, instead of trying to control things and to always make the right decisions (which can make me feel out of balance, anxious and even fearful), I can look at life differently.

Perhaps I can recognize that I am not in control – that I don’t need to be, because the Universe (or God, or whatever you want to call it) is. 

Maybe I should listen to the Universe when it gently but firmly says, “It’s time to go.” Or when it says, “I’m not going to let you have that, it’s not good for you.”

You know what they say…

The Universe knows best.