Day 226/365 Signs

After my dad died I went to see a medium.

“Have you received any signs from your dad since he crossed over?” she asked.

“Umm…I don’t know, maybe?” I said, awkwardly.

The truth was, I didn’t really feel like I had, not since the hawk visited me in the ICU. Somehow I didn’t want to say that, though. I wanted to believe.

Ten months have passed now, and while my family sees signs of my dad in birds and in sunsets, he visits me through the ice machine.

Yep, the ice machine.

(You can laugh; I sure am.)

The two summers prior to my dad’s death, my parents stayed with me for a week (or two) while they rented out their house. I am so grateful for that time.

When you live close to your family, you see each other more frequently, but it’s typically in quick bursts – a pop in, a dinner…

When you actually have family come and stay with you, it is a whole different experience. It’s those little moments – coffee or a cocktail on the porch, sitting together reading or doing crosswords, impromptu dog walks….being together for no particular purpose or set duration. I loved it.

Except for the ice machine.

The damn thing does not work, but my father refused to accept this reality. Every time dad came to visit, he would turn it on. I’d inevitably walk into the kitchen and find a pool of water seeping out from the freezer, or I would open the freezer only to have ice shavings fall out all over the floor.

It drove me crazy.

For God’s sake, Dad…I have ice trays…why must the ice machine make ice? It clearly does not wish to!

So now that he’s gone….every once in a while I will open my freezer, and ice will come pouring out onto the floor…or water will have inexplicably pooled on the floor.

There is no explanation, for I do not turn on the damn ice maker. 

Whenever this happens I can’t help but laugh and say, “Very funny, dad.”

I know, it sounds silly, and of course it could just be a random occurrence, but nevertheless, I love it.

When the ice machine goes haywire, it feels like one last joke I get to share with my dad.

Do you get any unusual signs from loved ones?

One thought on “Day 226/365 Signs

  1. medelise4

    I have had several signs since my brother bob passed away a few weeks ago. Some are goosebump raising like the small grief meditation book that an office mate left in My office with an inscription inside telling me to watch for signs and to believe in them and when I opened the book randomly the very first page I opened to was May 19 the day my brother was born! But the funny odd “ice machine” sign for me was waking up in the middle of the night a few nights ago and my pellet stove was roaring downstairs. I could hear it and it was hot in my loft. I went down and the flame was huge. The thermostats was set to 85. I have never turned my thermostat above 70. And that morning I had turned it down to 55 because it was so warm out. My brother was a heating hvac specialist and he had a funny ghost story of his own about coming home after leaving his house for a short time and all the lights were on and the heat was blasting. He hadn’t turned the heat on or the lights. The story goes that the house that he rented ifor years, a girl had died in the house from a fire. He used to always tell us that story and how he asked everyone he knew if they had been in the house and done that to his lights and heat. He never discovered how it happened. I spoke to My brothers wife yesterday and she said when she went into Bob’s office at their home the other day his heat was cranked to 85. I think he must be cold wherever he is which I suppose is better than the alternative 👹😇