Day 222/365 Important

Last night we had a bad storm. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention (totally possible) but it’s intensity seemed to come out of nowhere. The wind absolutely howled and clawed at my windows as I lay in bed.

One child had already climbed in with me before I had even turned out my reading light. Laying there listening to the wind, I had such a strong urge to go and lift my little one out of her bed and bring her in with us. I imagined a tree falling on the house, hitting her side. A mere twenty feet away from us seemed too far.

In the end I pushed the thought away. I knew she was sound asleep, and that it would be out of selfishness that I would wake her so that I could feel more comfortable.

I awoke at 5:30 to a text message from the girls’ school. No school today, presumably because of a power outage (we had also lost power in the night).

About an hour later I received a text from a friend.

She shared, ruefully, how lonely she had felt in the storm.  Her children had been with their dad overnight, and she wished she had a man with her through the storm, to hold her closely, or to at least check on her wellbeing.

“I completely understand,” I wrote back, and I do. I have been there and have felt that way.

It’s funny though, I never had that thought last night. I was completely focused on the children, on them being safe…on protecting them.

I have a feeling if my friend’s children had been at home with her, her feelings would have shifted in that direction too.


I don’t even think it is about a woman needing or wanting a man to take care of her. I think it is about wanting to feel important to somebody – whether you are the one being cared for or the one taking care.


If you are reading this right now, I hope you know that you are important.

Your wellbeing – It matters.

The way you care for others – It matters.

You are important.