Day 219/365 Patience is Overrated

About a month ago, the girls came home from a weekend getaway with their dad.  With them they brought a “dinosaur egg”.  Apparently, they can be found hidden around the campground they visited.

One of the girls had found one and was told there was something inside, so she bashed the hell out of it with a rock. Inside was a dinosaur. The woman at the campground told them that they are not supposed to bash the egg, they are supposed to soak in it water for a few days, and it will dissolve, revealing the dinosaur.

So, into a bowl of water this second egg went. This is what the dinosaur egg looks img_4275like…after a month in a bowl of water. 

Literally nothing has happened.

Looking at it tonight, it just got me thinking about trusting someone else’s process.  Here we have sat with this thing on our counter for a month, waiting for something to happen.

The girls know what is inside the egg, and they know how to get it…and yet, they were told that wasn’t the right way. So instead of trusting their own experience, they are waiting and waiting.

I know, it can be argued that this is a lesson in patience, or in trying things a different (arguably less aggressive) way.

What speaks to me more strongly as a lesson is this…

Don’t let someone else tell you how to go about getting something done, especially when you know how to do it already. 

OR this…

Try it another way if that speaks to you, but don’t be afraid to admit that what you are doing is not getting you anywhere. You don’t have to keep doing something that isn’t working just because it is the path you chose. It’s okay to change your mind.

And also this…

Not many things have been accomplished by waiting around for something to happen.


Tomorrow I am letting the girls bash the hell out of that thing.