Day 208/365 Beauty in Dark Places

Yesterday I found this painting at a consignment store. I stood there in the store staring at it for a quite some time. I just loved the fact that the flowers were still vibrant and beautiful even though the background was dreary and depressing. It felt like a good reminder to carry (inner) beauty with you into dark places.

It was raining outside so the shop owner put the painting into a plastic garbage bag for me so in wouldn’t get wet.

When I got the painting home, I pulled it out to find a place to hang it. I was surprised and delighted to see that in the proper light, it actually looked like this…


I do love metaphors – allow me to indulge in a few?

The first would be about perspective. Look at something or someone from only one perspective and you might be missing something really beautiful.  Never assume you truly see (nor understand) the whole picture based on how things appear from a limited viewpoint.

Second, if you can recognize the beauty in something or someone when their (inner) light has been dimmed by their circumstances, imagine how beautiful they may truly be when the light returns.

Similarly, if you can cultivate beauty, grace and joy under difficult circumstances…just imagine how glorious you will be to behold when the sun shines on you once again.

Lastly, there is beauty to be found in dark places, if you’re willing to take the time to really look.

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