Day 204/365 Because Angels Don’t Have Hands

“You look like an angel today,” my eleven year old said to me this morning as we were walking out the door, “Except…you have hands.”

“Angels don’t have hands?” I asked, amused.

“No, Angels don’t have hands. That’s why we have to do all the work ourselves.”

I actually had to stop and just look at her for a moment amidst the chaos of trying to get to the bus stop on time.

Angels don’t have hands…that’s why we have to do all the work ourselves.

I was so moved by those words.

I do feel guided at times, and other times I feel alone, disheartened…as if my pleas for help and guidance are going unheard, unanswered.


Maybe, I am always heard….witnessed…guided…but I still have to do the work myself.  



One thought on “Day 204/365 Because Angels Don’t Have Hands

  1. Karen Sommer

    Yes Bethany. We all do the work ourselves. But we are guided!! And we listen and decide what is best for ourselves thus our children and have faith. And know we are safe with arms holding us.

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