Day 203/365 What’s Your Focal Point?

I have been wanting to redo my bathroom for two years now. It had wallpaper with this img_4173horrible vertical stripe pattern that literally gave me a headache to look at. I never bothered to do it, though.

Then this past weekend I saw a painting that I really liked, and somehow I decided that it needed to go in my bathroom…but not with the vertical stripes, of course. So, I spent a better part of the weekend ripping down wallpaper (which is amazingly cathartic, by the way) and painting the walls.

I have to admit I have never enjoyed painting. I just haven’t had the patience for it. However, this weekend I found it to be very healing. As I moved the paintbrush back and forth, I found a lot of time and space to think.

I was thinking about how this one thing – this painting, ended up coloring everything around it (quite literally).

It’s funny how a thing….or a single event…can color our world entirely.  It can make us change everything else to match it (often without our permission or awareness).

This can be a wonderful thing when the one thing is something positive…a new job, or a new love, for example. That one beautiful thing can color everything else. It can make us want to raise everything else up to meet the vibration of that one new thing.

Conversely, it can have a negative impact on our lives when that one thing has heaviness or darkness to it. For example, we lose our job or our home,  we get our heart broken, or get a scary health diagnosis.  Suddenly everything else is colored by the darkness of that new thing. The heaviness of it drags everything around us down to meet it.

Lately, when people ask me how I am (I mean, really ask me) I feel as though saying anything other than “I’m okay” or “I’m hanging in there” is being disingenuous, on account of the Elephant. If I say “I’m fine” or even “I’m well” it makes me feel as though I no longer care about the Elephant. How can I be fine or well when the Elephant is still here?

The Elephant must cloak everything in black, no?


Maybe he doesn’t have to. 

The Elephant isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but I can deal with him without letting him become the focal point of my life…the one thing which colors everything else.

There are so many beautiful things to bring into focus, instead.