Day 200/365 Salty & Sweet

I am dealing with some challenging things right now…I mean, aren’t we all?

I feel as though I need to reiterate – I am completely aware that we ALL have hard things with which we are dealing. I’m not writing about my “stuff” because I think it is worse or harder than anyone’s else’s. I’m writing about it because it helps me.

As it turns out, it helps some of you as well. I appreciate those of you who have let me know publicly or privately that my words resonate with you, even if your grief, pain, joys and loves are different from mine.

We all feel.

I have some hard days ahead. I’m sorry that I still can’t share what that’s all about, but some day perhaps you’ll know and understand why I didn’t tell you.

Sometimes we don’t see the hard days coming, but in this case I am well aware, and I am trying to be proactive about how deal with it.

I am taking self-care more seriously. Lately, that has meant spending a significant amount of time alone….when my kids are with their dad, that is. Initially, I’ll admit this was a bit wallow-y, but now it’s just…something I enjoy. Something I would even categorize as a necessity.

Breathing space.

Also, I am looking at my own wants and needs in a different way. I am allowing myself to do what is going to make me feel calm, or make me feel happy – without that little voice telling me I should or I shouldn’t.

Look, there are some obligations in life that don’t even fall into a category of should or shouldn’t…you just do them.  Anyone who truly loves someone knows that. You show up. I’m not talking about those instances when I shun the should or shouldn’ts.

I’m talking about the fun stuff…the trips, the desserts, the stolen kisses, the indulging in what feels good…and holding off on what doesn’t.

That being said, I do believe in balance. For example….this was breakfast.

We all would do well to balance the salty and the sweet of life.