Day 195/365 Why NOT you?

Earlier I was thinking about what I would write about today, and I thought of something my Uncle Ed said to me once. As I’ve mentioned about Ed before, he has been an active member of AA for over fifty years. Often at the AA meetings, people get up and tell their stories.  Uncle Ed has heard a lot of stories about people living through very difficult times.

He said to me once,

“When someone says, Why did this have to happen to ME? 

I say…

Why NOT you?”

In other words, what makes you different from everyone else? Why do you think you should be immune to pain?

So, I considered writing about that tonight, but ultimately I discarded the idea. It seemed darker than I wanted to be.

Sometimes when I am feeling blocked I go to my treasured box of “365 Gathered Truths” and I randomly pull out a card from the box. It is full of quotes and poetry. Often I am inspired.

I blindly reached in and pulled out this card…



First of all, how fascinating is it that I would pull this card out of the box after I had dismissed a similar idea?

Second, what a beautiful way to turn a dark thought around…

We are all given sorrow AND joy, and we must embrace each as it arrives…for without receiving one we cannot expect to receive the other.