I write from the heart, about what is on my mind. When I am inspired by something, or when I have a need to write about something, it is very difficult for me to write about anything but that thing. It feels disingenuous, and to be honest, it’s just hard. Writing has become not only a hobby but a processing tool.

I can’t seem to write about one thing while trying to process another.

Yesterday I had no choice but to write about the experience that was pressing on me. Yet, I couldn’t publish it because…well, it is too personal.

Too personal? How can that possibly be, you ask?

I have written about very personal things before, I know. It’s kind of the whole point, but this thing – this Elephant – is not just about me.  It isn’t my story alone to tell.

So…while I will keep the commitment to write every day, some days I will have to hold the entries until such a time as it feels right to publish them (if at all).

This is what I will do with Day 188.

Thank you for understanding.

Photo by Alexis Harvey

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