Day 186/365 The Beautiful Bits

When I started this blog, I began by writing each day about somebody or something that made me feel grateful. I hoped that with each entry I would inch away from depression as my default emotion, and closer to living fully in gratitude.

Gradually I opened myself up and explored more about the range of emotions I was experiencing. The combination of exploring emotion through writing, practicing gratitude, and (of course) time for healing…

It was working for me.

With the arrival of the Elephant (whose ass is about to be kicked, by the way) I have experienced some set backs. When you’ve made a lot of progress, the last thing you want to do is start again from the beginning.  Yet, today I realized that the beginning is exactly where I needed to go.

I realized that my friend was right when he advised me to find the golden threadsthe small things that make me happy. I realized that’s exactly how this blog began…as a daily practice in recognizing the golden threads….

Holding them up to the light.

So today I held the intention of noticing the moments in which I felt happy. There were many…

Nuzzling the soft, warm cheeks of my children to wake them up for school.

Sitting for a moment on my porch with a warm cup of coffee cupped in my hands, watching the white caps on the bay…my hair swirling in the wind. 

Sharing laughter at the bus stop.

Having a good send off for my girls, with “I love you’s” and hugs.

Seeing pigmy goats in a field I passed on my drive to work (I don’t know why, you guys, but they made me happy).

A mother stopping me in the hallway of my preschool, clearly overcome with emotion, to tell me how wonderful our school is (her little one started two weeks ago). 

Watching a new, quiet little girl delight in stopping at my office door to visit my dog, Louie. As with many children this has become her new morning routine.  She smiled widely as he gently assisted her by removing any remaining breakfast crumbs from her face and hands.

Listening to the chatter of a preschooler, full of dimples and sunshine, who was waiting in my office for her dad to pick her up.  She told me that a good name for my next dog (ONLY if it’s a girl) would be “Tinkle Little Thtar.” (Can you think of a more perfect name than that?)

Delicious, fresh, warm bread made by the preschoolers, smothered in butter, and delivered to my desk.

Being greeted by happy daughters at the bus stop; Ruby proudly bearing a gift of artwork.


Roasting a chicken for dinner. The smell reminds me so strongly of my mother and my childhood home….so many days coming home to that smell permeating the house. It will always be one of my favorite meals.

Sharing a “virtual” laugh/cry with Alexis over a video of my dad “Moonwalking”.

Belly laughing with the girls over Diesel’s reaction to Beau’s violin playing…


A glass of wine, a piece of chocolate…

Yes, I cried in my car this morning on the way to work, but…

You know what?

I bet…if I try my best to focus on the beautiful bits…on the golden threads

I bet most days can be good days (and I bet even the shitty days have some beautiful bits if I’m in the right frame of mind to notice).

{And now for some dancing…}