Day 176/365 Want Not

It’s a strange feeling, enjoying a serene, beautiful evening – knowing that Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Florida.

Knowing Texas remains devastated by Hurricane Harvey.

Knowing wildfires rage, and flood waters rise.

It is a powerful reminder never to take things for granted. Life is unpredictable, and sometimes cruel, and hell hath no fury like Mother Nature proving a point.

All of this can be incredibly overwhelming to witness (nevermind to directly endure!).

In the news and in my Facebook feed, I find it comforting to look for and to notice the love, compassion and empathy that rise up out of these disasters. People helping each other. People offering shelter, money, and empathy. People bearing witness; not looking away.

Here now, I’m soaking up the goodness that I have surrounding me, and for a while, I will want for nothing.

I will practice…

Being grateful,

Saying I love you,

Being present.

Life is beautiful, and fragile.

Be here, now.