Day 171/365 Must You Be So Rude?

Our bodies seem to know exactly what we need.  Unfortunately when we aren’t listening to them, sometimes they have to be rude about it.

This summer has been so busy for me. The girls and I have been hopping from adventure to adventure, and when I haven’t been with them, I’ve been busy trying to keep my work life in balance.

I haven’t been home much, to be honest.

On Friday, I started to feel really depleted, and the headache started. I woke up with it again on Saturday, but still I plugged along until I finally acknowledged the fact that I was, in fact, sick. I spent the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday resting; nursing a terrible headache and a mild fever.

Had it not been for that, I probably would never had slowed down…

And I needed to slow down.

The wonderful thing about not feeling well (besides forced convalescence) is how grateful we are when we feel better! Oh how often we take our health for granted.

I woke up this morning without a headache and I was so incredibly happy (even knowing I’d be spending the day catching up on errands and work I’d avoided all weekend!).

I’ve been feeling apprehensive and low about the change of seasons.  I still feel the dark cloud of the holidays (our first without my father) looming, but I felt a positive energy radiating from me today…as if something lovely is about to happen.

At the very least, I have my health – and that’s no small thing.

Louie had some R&R as well.