Day 169/365 Son of a…

I battled a headache all day yesterday.  I was tired and quick to tears. I begged off on a party last night, just not having the energy to go.  This morning I woke up with a headache all over again.

“I think you’re getting sick,” Monica said.

“No, I’m just sad…and I have allergies, I think. Although I’ve never had allergies…”

We decided to go out to a local diner for lunch. It was great to see her, but all the while I felt as if Depression was creeping up on me – I could feel him breathing down my neck, about to tap me on the shoulder and re-acquaint himself…

Hello, you seem to have forgotten me. 

After lunch, I was anxious to get home. I puttered around the house a bit and thought about how I was going to give Depression the slip this time…the persistent bugger. 

Why was I so tired?

Feeling cold, I pulled on a wool sweater and socks…and huddled under a blanket.

Then, a few hours ago it dawned on me…because I’m so quick (and because it typically takes me anywhere from two hours to two years to admit that Monica is right, again)…

{Son of a Motherless Goat!}


The good news is…maybe it wasn’t Depression breathing down my neck after all.

Maybe it was just a damn fever.