Day 161/365 Don’t Go, I Love You So…

This morning as I reveled in my (electric coffeepot-brewed) coffee on my front porch, I felt fall in the air. My poetic friend, John, wrote, “We left the windows open last night and summer slipped out…”

It was a cool 60 degrees, and I was reminded that “back to school” is just around the corner. The thought of the summer coming to an end filled me with melancholy…which is new for me.

I’ve always been a lover of fall, actually.

Usually at this time of year, summer and its ever-changing logistics has me exhausted, and I long for a simple routine again.

Yes, I’m social, but I am also an introvert, really.  The inward turning of fall is a welcomed gesture.

So, I thought about what is making me feel differently this year…

I am so grateful for the time I was able to spend with my girls this summer. Close as we were at summer’s start, our bond feels intensified. I think it will be hard for us all to separate into our own orbits again in a few fleeting days. I will miss them.

I am also keenly aware that with fall comes the countdown to the holiday season.

I look toward that with great apprehension. It is hard to fathom a Thanksgiving or a Christmas without my dad. Unassuming as he was, he was the heart of our family.

How does a family celebrate the holidays without their heart?

Summer, don’t go…I love you so.