Day 159/365 Island Adventure Part III

I hope I’m not speaking too soon (for we aren’t being ferried back to civilization until tomorrow morning) but I feel pretty confident in writing that this adventure has been a success.

I made some mistakes-

There was the idiotic near drowning (refer to Part I for the full story).

I should have packed less food, more ice.

I remembered a battery pack for my phone, but left the cord at home. Apparently the battery does not charge by osmosis.

A French press would have been well worth the cargo space. I’d give my left arm for a well-brewed cup of coffee in the morning.

We should have brought a couple of games, though we made do with cards.

These are all small things to file away for the next adventure. Still, I proclaim it a success.

How do I define success?

When traveling with children one has to expect that not every moment will it be perfect.

Siblings bicker, children get tired (as do adults!).

They don’t always find “fun” the things that we think they will. They often take great pleasure in things we never would have thought they would. Often the simplest things, actually. My girls revelled in taking “baths” in the lake, and using the old-fashioned water pump to wash their hands…also helping to make nightly fires and lighting the candles inside when it got dark.

Here’s how I’ve personally come to define a successful trip…

It’s one in which I experience moments which fill me with gratitude for being right there, right then, with the ones I love.  

Those moments when I think – this is happiness.


I felt many such moments on this trip, and I know the girls did too.

I’ve asked them what their favorite part was, and they each responded that it was being here – in this place – together.


I don’t have to tell you how happy that makes me.

My heart is full. I am so grateful.

Now excuse me, I must go – I let the girls have like a dozen s’mores each and I’m  hearing the sort of hysterical laughter that never ends well!