Day 158/365 Island Adventure Part II

When I left off, the girls and I had gone off to bed. We were exhausted, and well…it was dark. Literally. There is no electricity here.

There is a queen sized bed in a loft, which one accesses by ladder, and there is a queen sized futon on the first floor.  The loft has only a rope “railing” (more of a decorative feature, really). I was more comfortable with the girls sleeping downstairs together (with Louie) and me in the loft.  So that’s how we started out.

I put a lit flashlight at the bottom of the ladder, knowing someone would make their way up there in the night. Although I asked them to let me know if they were coming up, I figured lighting the ladder ahead of time was a good plan.

I sat downstairs with the girls until they drifted off, then up the ladder I went.

I was exhausted. As I tried to drift off to sleep, I could hear Louie having quite an eventful dream downstairs on his dog bed. I bet he was rescuing a rainbow floatie in his sleep or something.

Anyway, my brain got to work thinking about all sorts of crazy things. I could hear the loons on the lake. (Beau thinks they sound like wolves. Comforting thought.)

What if one of the girls gets hurt trying to get up here?  How long would it take paramedics to get to us, anyway? How would I even describe where we are?

I fell asleep and awoke with a jolt. I had dreamed one of the girls fell off of the loft. My heart was racing.

Beau was calling me. She wanted to come up.

Wide awake, I now had to pee. As I descended the ladder, bleary-eyed, I realized it is far more likely the 44 year old would fall down the ladder than her two tree-climbing, monkey children. Despite all odds I made it down and back without incident.

When morning came I decended the stairs again, this time desperate for coffee. Then I remembered this was how I’d be getting it…

Yeah, this was going to take a few attempts to perfect. In the end I chugged a sludgy mixture (mainly to avoid a headache), and mentally crafted a strongly worded response to the Amazon reviewer who swore by this apparatus as her daily method of brewing coffee. She’s gotta be kidding.

I longed for a nap.

It was 8am.

We had breakfast and the girls were snapping at each other right and left. At one point they had an arguement, and then one apologized, and the other refused to accept said apology. Moments later she apologized for not accepting the apology. Of course her sister then refused to accept the apology for refusing the apology.

It was quite painful.

The last straw was when Beau was trying to fish, and apparently Ruby scared away every single fish in the lake.

Every single one, you guys. She has a gift.

Suddenly, it occurred to me that I may be infecting the entire island with my PMS.

For real.

Feminine energy is a beautiful and terrifying thing. I grabbed my treasure trove of essential oils and pulled out the one for PMS, appropriately dubbed Dragon Time.

I doused us all. Then I suggested a canoe ride.

We had a lovely ride around the lake, and by the time we returned to the dock for a swim, we were all feeling better. Ruby even proclaimed it her “14th best day ever”.

Not too shabby.

We really did have a great day.

It flew by…canoeing, swimming, fishing, drawing, reading together in this amazing hammock spot…there was even a singing competition after dinner.

We capped off the evening with a communal “bath” in the lake. The girls were beyond giddy that I allowed them to skinny dip. It is quite fun, I must admit.

Here’s to a better night’s sleep tonight, or at the very least, to a more satisfying coffee experience in the morning.

3 thoughts on “Day 158/365 Island Adventure Part II

  1. Elizabeth Coffey Behan

    ok, these two slayed me. your humor’s da
    ps: great seeing you the other night, if only for a second or two. had to deal with the whole whipping situation (who even has to SAY that?!). ah, life with children. at least mine, anyway. 😉

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