Day 152/365 Nichole (Colie)

Her startlingly clear blue eyes radiate such kindness and depth of soul, and reveal just a flicker of mischievousness.

There may not be a more gentle soul. She is a lover of all children, with a soft spot for those who need a little extra love, attention, and support. This makes her job as a special education coordinator the perfect fit. Brimming with compassion and drive, she has been recognized by Newport Life magazine as a groundbreaker in her community.

Colie has been a vegetarian for many years because of her deep love of animals (but she doesn’t shame us meat eaters, bless her).

Colie embodies such a contrast to me…and I love it. She is deep and philosophical, and she also loves inappropriate and silly humor…never letting an inadvertent reference to one’s anatomy go without a smirk or a snicker.

She is the most wonderful mother – lovingly firm, patient and so much fun.  She sometimes seems to be in perpetual motion, which has been a gift to her active sons.

She has always been high energy.  When we were neighbors in our twenties she would use a workout with me as a warm up to her actual workout.

Colie has taken some hard knocks, but she has pulled herself up, brushed herself off, and moved forward. She doesn’t let anger get the best of her. She believes in letting karma do its thing.

Colie loves her family fiercely, and somehow I have been lucky enough to earn honorary family status somewhere along the past twenty plus years of friendship.

I am so blessed to claim her as one of my people.

I love you, dear friend. You are an absolute ray of sunshine.

colie 1.