Day 148/365 Shane

Shane, you are one of my favorite people on Earth, truly.

I believe when I wrote about my younger brother, Ryan, I wrote that he is love personified.  I feel the same way about you, Shane.  You have the same energy.

The word that comes to mind when I think of you is warmth. There really isn’t a warmer, more genuine man.

Shane has an unabashed bleeding heart. If someone is hurting, he wants to help.  Thank God, that includes me.  Whether he planned for it or not, he has gotten himself a platonic “bonus wife” of sorts….thank goodness his actual wife is my dear friend, Sarah.

He is completely comfortable with female energy…having two daughters and four sisters, he seems to consider the company of women an honor. I truly believe that.

Shane is a skilled woodworker by trade. He is also a talented singer…though he is incredibly humble about this part of himself.

Shane is quick witted, and so very fun. People gravitate toward him.

He is easy going almost to a fault – he rolls with whatever is happening.  I don’t believe I’ve ever actually seen him angry, through eighteen years of friendship.

His luminous smile welcomes all, and he truly is one of the kindest people I know.

Shane, I am so grateful that you are my friend.