Day 146/365 The Other Woman

I am about to embark on my fourth annual Maine vacation with Monica, Austin, and all of our children. It is sometimes hard to believe that I have already been a “single lady” for four years.

Other times my marriage feels like a lifetime ago…so much has happened.

Most of my close friends are a part of a couple, which I would imagine could be a difficult thing for many singles – having the old “third wheel” feeling.  I am lucky to have friends with whom I never feel that way…in fact, it hardly ever crosses my mind at all when I’m with them.

I am very grateful. I love their company so much – individually and together in pairs.  They are great people whichever way they are packaged.

I guess they feel the same way about me…

My married friends don’t act as though they’re afraid being divorced is catchy.  Blessedly, they aren’t constantly trying to fix me up with someone in order to balance the wheels.  We are balanced already.

If anything, I’m worried about making sure whichever man I ultimately bring into the fold blends in…

{Though there doesn’t appear to be an immediate threat.}


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