Day 144/365 What Color is Your Veil?

I believe the energy we radiate cloaks us like a translucent veil. It impacts both how the world sees us, and how we see the world.  It casts our colors onto everything.

This is one of the reasons that depression is so hard to shake.  It colors the veil through which we see the world, and everything seems…bleak and impossible.

To make matters worse, we sometimes get down on ourselves for feeling the way we do, especially if we are generally grateful and joyful people.

We know we have it in our wardrobe somewhere – that golden veil of joy and gratitude – but it is hidden.

Sometimes we just don’t know when we will lay our hands on it again.

Only time will tell.

What I can offer for those presently viewing life through a darkened veil, is that having known the darkness allows a person to better appreciate the light

…and once you find that golden veil again, you may find that the world is more beautiful than ever before.