Day 143/365 My Mind’s Eye

We hear a lot these days about mindfulness, about being present in the moment.  I fully believe in the importance of this practice, for a couple of reasons.

One, I think our lives get so busy that we often overlook the small bits of beauty around us. It is always a good reminder to slow down and pay attention.

Two, I think by allowing ourselves to be in the moment, we are forced to accept whatever that moment may bring.  Not every moment is heavenly. Sometimes we find ourselves sitting with uncomfortable feelings as well.

Those are just as important to welcome, to notice, and to honor.

Along the lines of mindfulness, but not quite the same thing in my opinion, is the urging to enjoy the NOW – to refrain from living in the past or in the future.

That is great advice sometimes, for sure. It doesn’t serve us well to cling to the past while forsaking the present.


I savor closing my eyes and fully reliving, in my mind’s eye, some of my warmest memories. I do this often when I get into bed at night.

I allow myself to time travel.

I cherish the ability to call up these moments so viscerally…by sight, and sometimes even by smell, sound and touch.

I suppose it is a testament to my having been mindful to begin with during those moments as they took place.

I soaked them up fully and saved them for a rainy day.

It’s funny, the things I call upon. They never seem to be any of the BIG moments you’d imagine they’d be. They are often the smallest things…

Watching them play in the rain, the air heavy with the scent of wet earth

My sleeping baby, with dimpled hands and milky breath

Dancing with him, while laughing and singing out loud, “I heard it through the grapevine…”

A family dinner with warmth and laughter, inside jokes

A winter’s walk in the falling snow, snowflakes catching on his eyelashes

A perfect evening on the coast of Maine

It can be a beautiful thing to live in the past…just for a moment or two, now and then.

I do also love imagining what’s ahead.

When you’ve been through things which have challenged you to your very core, you may begin to be fearful of the future (I’ve had my moments of that, trust me).

Lately, though…lately I’ve had this unwavering confidence that what lies ahead for me…

It’s beautiful…and full of moments I will one day conjure,

Eyes closed and with a grateful heart.


{Photo by Kim Fuller}



2 thoughts on “Day 143/365 My Mind’s Eye

  1. Claudia Frieden

    You have no idea how your blog has moved me these past several months. Thank you for honoring your dad in this way, it is so special & so real & so helpful to me and I’m sure countless others. My father passed away this evening.. I was on facetime with my mom & he literally got up to speak with me & collapsed. I was there for his last breaths. I’m very grateful he could go in peace. So much love. I had told him about your blog and he still remembers you of course fondly, but also Samantha! How she was so cute how she would always give her paw. Nice & sweet memory. Anyway, big hug to you & I’ll be reading on, look forward to your blog every day.

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