Day 142/365 Children Are Amazing, and Coffee is Important

A conversation at 8am…

Sitting on the porch this morning with my girls, taking in the view. I was enjoying my coffee (no, I did not give it up for my cleanse – nobody wants that, trust me). Louie, our lab, was chewing on an enormous log, as he is want to do.

Beau (age 11): If I could have a superpower, it would be extra strong teeth.

Me: What would you wish to do with extra strong teeth?

Beau: Chew logs!


Me: Umm, why?

Beau: Seems like fun.

Me: So, let me get this straight.  If you could choose a superpower, like…flying, being invisible, mind-reading….you would choose to have extra strong teeth?

Beau: Couldn’t I have more than one superpower? I wouldn’t want to fly, for one thing.  I love to climb, and if I could fly I’d just get lazy about my climbing.


Ruby (age 8): I would choose being able to bring people back from the dead.


Me: That would be pretty amazing.

Beau: You can’t do that! Their souls have already left their bodies. So you’d basically be waking up zombies. That would actually make you a villain, not a superhero.

(Clearly she’s pondered this.)

Me: Well, what if you could time travel? You could visit people who have passed away, instead of bringing them back from the dead?”

Beau: Only if it was just to be able to watch, like a movie…not actually do anything over.

Me: Would that be hard? If you went back in time, and watched yourself in a situation, and you wished you had done or said something differently.  Would that be hard to watch?  Seeing your mistakes?

Beau: No, because everything that has happened, happened for a reason.  Even the things we think are mistakes. We learn from things.

(Proud mom moment)

Beau: Like…if I broke my friend’s leg…by accident. Then she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore. So I meet a new friend who I wouldn’t have met if I still had the other friend with the broken leg. If I go back in time, and I don’t break her leg…maybe she’s still my friend and she has me hanging around some other kids who aren’t very nice…and I would never know I could have had this other great friend…

Me: So, breaking your friend’s leg, accidentally, actually kept you from falling in with the wrong crowd?

Beau: Exactly.

Me: You are very wise.

Beau: So…strong teeth, time travel just to observe, and a third arm.

Me: A third arm?

Beau: Yes. So I can lean back and relax with my two arms behind my head, and still have a free arm to pet Louie. It would come from behind me, like a tail.

Me: Ahh, a butt arm. Brilliant. You’d even be able to wave at people from behind as you walk down the street.

We all burst into hysterical laughter.

{…and this is why children are amazing….and coffee is important.}

Photo by Betty Lou Harvey