Day 139/365 My Decorations

I was talking to a friend yesterday who said her daughter, who is five, had been talking about not caring much for a certain person’s “decorations”.  My friend didn’t quite understand what she meant until she later went to a parent-teacher conference, and her daughter’s teacher said, “She been expressing some emotions. She calls them her decorations.”

Children are constantly saying the most profound things, if only we stop and listen.

Her decorations.

It’s so true, isn’t it?

Sometimes we can’t help it, our emotions are written all over our faces, and our body language screams of how we are feeling. We wear our decorations head to toe, and it feels amazing when we are adorned with love, joy, or gratitude…

Then there are the other emotions – the ones we don’t want to acknowledge; the ones we would rather keep to ourselves. The ones we would rather not wear.

We fool ourselves into believing those decorations aren’t just as plain to see. We sometimes go to great lengths to hide them from the world.


What if we were to wear all of our decorations proudly? What if we believed that being able to fully feel – or wear – them all…is a gift?

Our vast and complicated wardrobe of emotions is actually what makes us feel alive.

Look at you – your decorations are beautiful.

All of them.