Day 137/365 Hello Mess, I Believe You Belong to Me

By now you’ve probably heard of the NY Times Bestselling Book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I touched upon it in “The Day the House Blew Up”.

Lately I’ve been working on something I’m calling –

The Life Changing Magic of Messing Up.

Here’s the premise –

We mess up.  


We admit that we messed up.

We admit it to ourselves and to whomever might be affected.  We don’t get defensive. We just say…hmm, I messed up.

Perhaps we apologize.

We own our mess.


We don’t beat ourselves up about it (and we don’t let anyone else beat us up about it either).

If we can fix it, we do…and we learn.

If we can’t fix it…we can still learn.


Listen, life is messy.

We make a lot of mistakes…at least, I know I do…

Don’t you?

(That was a totally rhetorical question, by the way…nice try)

Of course you do, and thank God for that, because that’s how we learn.

It’s how we grow.

It’s…The Life-Changing Magic of Messing Up.

I’ve got the messing up part down pat. I’ve gotten pretty adept at owning my messes, too….oh yes hello Mess, I believe you belong to me…

It’s skipping the self-criticism that challenges me…and letting go of the messes I can’t fix.

On the bright side, chances are I will continue to provide myself with a lot of opportunities to practice.